Original Article

Design and Characterization of Fast Dissolving Films of Valsartan

  • Rajesh KAZA
  • Prasanna Raju YALAVARTHI
  • Nagaraju RAVOURU

Received Date: 20.06.2013 Accepted Date: 13.09.2013 Turk J Pharm Sci 2014;11(2):175-184

Recently researcher’s focused on valsartan fast dissolving films (FDF) and their development. Valsartan films were prepared by solvent casting method using different grades of HPMC (E5, E50 and K4M). Six formulations (FV1-FV6) of valsartan films were prepared and evaluated for their physical clıaracteristics such as thickness, tensile strength, clongation. weight variation, folding endurance, dmg content uniformity and surface pH and gave satisfactory results.The compatibility of the dmg in the formulation was confirmed by FTIR and DSC studies. The formulations were subjected to disintegration, in vitro dmg release and pharmacodynamic studies on spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHR). Formulation FV5 was found to be best fonnulations which contain HPMC E5 and valsartan solid dispersion with guar gum at weight ratio of 1:4 showed excellent film forming clıaracteristics such as disintegration time of 57 sec and percentage dmg release 95.95% witlıin 10 minutes. The optimized film fonnulation (FV5) showed excellent stability över 45 days when stored at 40°C/60% relative humidity. The plıannacodynamic study of valsartan FDF in SHR proved the better therapeutic efficacy.

Keywords: Elongation. Folding endurance, Solvent casting, Systolic blood pressure, Tensile strength.