Original Article

Mucoadhesive Buccal Films Embedded with Antiviral Drug Loaded Nanospheres

  • Bandar E AL-DHUBIAB

Received Date: 11.02.2016 Accepted Date: 03.03.2016 Turk J Pharm Sci 2016;13(2):213-224

Acyclovir loaded nanospheres embedded mucoadhesive film have been developed as potential drug delivery sys-tem and evaluated both ex vivo and in vivo. Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanospheres were formulated and imp-regnated in films prepared with varying concentrations of hydroxyethyl cellulose and eudragit RS PO. The prepared formulations (F1-F4) were evaluated by ex vivo permeation studies using rabbit mucosa in order to select the op-timum formulation for further studies. In vivo studies were carried out in rabbits to assess the pharmacokinetic profile of acyclovir when delivered from mucoadhesive buccal films. Ex vivo studies (6 h) indicate significant diffe-rence in permeation rate of acyclovir from mucoadhesive films (F3 > F4 > F2 > F1), suggesting the release and/or permeation of acyclovir is influenced by the film composition used. SEM images showed the nanospheres were embedded uniformly in the films. In vivo data demonstrated significant absorption (Cmax ~360.93 ng/Ml)

Keywords: Acyclovir, Buccal delivery, Eudragit, Ex vivo, In vivo.