Original Article

Preparation and Evaluation of Chitosan Succinate Pellets Using Extrusion-Spheronization Technology: Processing and In Vitro Characterization

  • Dasari Subramaniyam KARUNA
  • Ubaidulla UDHUMANSHA
  • Grace RATHNAM
  • Mani GANESH
  • Hyun Tae JANG

Received Date: 26.11.2015 Accepted Date: 18.02.2016 Turk J Pharm Sci 2016;13(2):189-200

The study is aimed to investigate a novel approach for the preparation of multiparticulate drug delivery system using chitosan succinate a chitosan derivatives polymer. Herein the chitosan succinate multiparticulate pellets ent-rapped diclofenac sodium was prepared by extrusion and spheronization technique. FTIR results revealed that there were no interactions between the drug and polymer. The prepared pellets were with good spherical geo-metry and 1.02±0.40 mm as their mean diameter. Chitosan succinate showed pH dependent release profiles for the entrapped diclofenac sodium. Maximum drug release was observed at pH 7.4, whereas no drug release was observed at pH 1.2. The optimized formulation followed Higuchi kinetics while drug release mechanism was found to be anomalous type i.e controlled by diffusion through swollen matrix. It can be concluded from these results that new pharmaceutical carrier is capable of sustained release in oral drug delivery system.

Keywords: Chitosan succinate pellets, pH sensitive drug release, Chitosan, Sustained release, Extrusionspheronization.