Original Article

Simultaneous Quantification of Metolazone and Ramiprilin Their Combined Dosage Form by First Order Derivative Spectroscopic Method

  • Pratik R. MODI
  • Usmangani K. CHHALOTIYA
  • Dimal A. SHAH
  • Falgun A. MEHTA
  • Kashyap K. BHATT

Received Date: 13.03.2014 Accepted Date: 26.02.2015 Turk J Pharm Sci 2015;12(2):169-176

A simple, accurate and precise first order derivative spectrophotometric method was developed for simultaneous determination of Metolazone (MET) and Ramipril (RAM) in their combined pharmaceutical dosage form. MET and RAM were quantified using first derivative responses at 285nm and 212nm respectively. Methanol was taken as a common solvent. The calibration curve were linear in the concentration range of 5-25 μg/mL for MET and 8-24 μg/mL for RAM. The method was validated and found to be accurate and precise. Developed method was successfully applied for the estimation of MET and RAM in their combined dosage form.

Keywords: Metolazone (MET), Ramipril (RAM), First order derivative, Validation.