Original Article

Studies of Lipid Profile, Liver and Kidney Function Parameters of Female Rat Plasma After the Administration of “Khadiraristha”

  • Md. Mamun AL-AMIN
  • Hasan Mahmud REZA
  • Mohammad Nurul ISLAM
  • Mir Muhammad Nasir UDDIN
  • Shahabuddin Kabir CHOUDHURI

Received Date: 14.03.2013 Accepted Date: 30.05.2013 Turk J Pharm Sci 2014;11(2):145-152

In this study, Khadiraristha (KDR), a traditional Ayurvedic preparation used in dennatological disorder has been in-vestigated for its biochemical effects and in some extent justify the pliannacological uses under the stated circums-tances. Kliadiraristlia was administered orally to female albino rat for 46 days. After the treatment period animals were fasted for 18 hours. Biochemical parameters including; Total protein. Serum albumin. Blood Urea Nitrogen, Bilirubin. Liver enzymes (sGPT, sGOT, ALT) were detennined in the plasma. KDR significantly inereased (p)

Keywords: Kliadiraristlia (KDR), Biochemical study, Pliannacology